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What is Institution of Happiness (IOH)?

The Institution of Happiness (IOH) is the final outcome of the Happiness Index Project by QS I-GAUGE, which serves as an opportunity for schools, colleges, and universities to know the level of happiness and well-being of their students. The successful outcome of the project awards a certificate to the participating institutions and also provides an analytical view of the survey responses submitted by students & faculty. The report is expected to help institutions gain more understanding in this field of study.

QS I-GAUGE believes that happiness and well-being are an integral part of students' educational journey as they can have a direct impact on their achievements and learning experiences. A highly productive and engaged class could often indicate that the learning experience of students has been exceptional. Through this project, we strive to build and measure happiness metrics through surveys and qualitative data analysis thus making the process robust and transparent.

The IOH project serves as a valuable tool to gain insights into the level of happiness of students & faculty, their well-being, quality of life, and engagements in sustainability and social change projects thereby enabling institutions to advance these metrics for better outcomes. The IOH is one piece of the puzzle in the overall picture conveying the importance of happiness in day-to-day life. It is also a study report with data points that helps in decision-making, be it towards continuous improvement or taking new initiatives with the overall objective of providing a better quality of education for students.

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Why QS I-GAUGE for measuring Happiness?

Ever since well-being and happiness were recognised as a fundamental human goal by the United Nations, countries have increasingly placed happiness and well-being as a specific goal in their national and educational policies or have included elements relating to happiness in their policy frameworks. However, a lot of new challenges have emerged as a result of the pandemic which the community is trying to resolve in due course of time. It is an attempt by QS I-GAUGE to help contribute our bit to the community in facilitating a study based on student experiences. QS I-GAUGE "being the leader in building world-class institutions in India through quality & excellence and a trusted partner to ambitious learners", has the expertise to conduct an in-depth study such as this.

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How will the Institution of Happiness (IOH) be measured?

The IOH will be measured through a questionnaire pertaining to different areas of well-being. The survey evaluates each response using a 5-point Likert scale with 5 being the highest as “strongly agree”.

How will institutions benefit from the project report?

We believe happy students are engaged better and can contribute to a productive learning environment. With students' happiness as the fulcrum, the learning objectives and outcomes will be better aligned to deliver an enhanced study experience.

IOH CERTIFICATE: A certificate will be awarded to the institution if a minimum threshold of 75 per cent satisfaction rate is achieved in the survey questionnaire. 

BRANDING & OUTREACH: Results of Happy institutions will be published here. In addition to this, the results of the IOH project will be promoted on our social media channels.

SCORECARD: Institutions can contact QS I-GAUGE for detailed analysis in the Happiness Survey.

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