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Q: Why is my institution’s participation important?

A: The survey is about your institution's satisfaction level with students. This will help assess the representative's views and experiences with the institutions. The survey results provide insights into students' opinions and behaviours that can be used to make important decisions.


Q: How are the survey responses assessed?

A: QS I-GAUGE will present aggregate survey data to your institution in an Institutional Report that summarizes responses from all students who completed the survey at your institution. This report will highlight specific areas where students responses have been elicited.


Q: What is the process to participate in this survey?

A:  QS I-GAUGE is offering this initiative "free of charge" to all participating institutions. Email communication with details to express interest will be sent to institutions pan India. If you have not received any communication, please write to us at One of our representatives will contact you. 


Q: How are the survey results shared?

A: The results of the survey will be sent back to the participating institution. However, the institutions' specific results will not be made public. Based on the institution's performance, a certificate will be awarded to the institutions and the same will be published on our official website. The certificate can be used by the institution as marketing collateral.

Q: Does QS I-GAUGE provide a detailed analysis of the survey data?

A: Institutions can request a detailed analysis of the survey data. QS I-GAUGE will prepare an exclusive and comprehensive report of your institution’s happiness journey. Please write to for further queries. 


Q: Is the survey open for all institutions?

A: The scope of this project includes schools, colleges, and universities in India.


Q:  What is the validity of the certificate?

A: The certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

Q:  What is the process to renew the certificate?

A: When the certificate expires, the institution is required to participate in the survey process again.

Q:  If an institution is awarded an IOH certificate, does that confer the status of a QS I-GAUGE rated institution?

A: This project checks the experiences of students to know their level of happiness with the institution. The successful outcome of this project honours the institution with a certificate. This does not confer that the institution is rated by QS I-GAUGE. The rating process is governed by a methodology on various parameters. To know more about QS I-GAUGE ratings please submit your request here:

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Q: Will my answers be shared with the institution?

A: One of the most important aspects of this survey is to understand your experiences as a student. This is an opportunity for students to register their opinion on educational needs, satisfaction level, and other areas of importance about their respective institution. The objective of this initiative is to provide insights to institutions on their stakeholders' experiences and QS I-GAUGE as an independent and trusted organisation is facilitating this study. Only the aggregate results/responses of the survey will be shared with institutions. 


Q: Are my survey responses anonymous and confidential?

A: Yes, the questionnaire is anonymous. The survey does not capture the students' names and addresses. QS I-GAUGE follows high standards of data privacy and security. No individual survey responses will be shared with the participating institution. 

Q: How can my friend's institution participate in this survey?

A: The survey is open to all institutions in India. Interested institutions may write to for more details. 

Q: Where can I see my institution's results?

A: If the institution has attained the IOH certificate, the same will be published on our website. Visit for more details.

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